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Prevented Ocean Plastic Products

Prevented Ocean Plastic™ has certified traceability from coastline collection until it becomes
sustainable recycled packaging on your supermarket shelf, offering you a better plastic choice.
Every time you buy a product with the Prevented Ocean Plastic™ logo, you are preventing plastic from reaching the ocean.


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In 2020, Lidl GB became the first UK supermarket to launch packaging using Prevented Ocean Plastic™ in their own-label fish products. Today, just about all of their fish, breaded chicken, and sausage is packaged in Prevented Ocean Plastic™ – and so has our logo on it

In 2021, Lidl picked up Retail Industry Awards ‘Sustainable Initiative of the Year’ for the inclusion of Prevented Ocean Plastic™ packaging in their fish ranges.

Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton chose Prevented Ocean Plastic™ as a partner in producing their first eco-friendly wine. The 2021 vintage rosé, hails from Château Galoupet. The bottle is 100% made from recycled Prevented Ocean Plastic and represents a first for both the region and the luxury drinks specialist.

In 2022, Patagonia chose Prevented Ocean Plastic to aid their fight against the climate crisis. The body of the Strider Pro, Multi Trails, and Trailfarer shorts are now made of quick-drying 90% Prevented Ocean Plastic.

In 2024, Lush chose to partner with Prevented Ocean Plastic™ to leave the world lusher than they found it. The British cosmetics retailer has been using 100% recycled PET for their clear bottles for more than a decade, but is constantly looking for ways to innovate with packaging.

Prevented Ocean Plastic™ quality is based on fully traceable 99% PET bottle inputs, which are machine and hand sorted, processed, and then tested to meet the highest quality levels required for food packaging.

Other Prevented Ocean Plastic™ applications include cleaning products, personal care, and pet food.