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POP Spotlight: Hana Group

By June 20, 2024July 10th, 2024No Comments

June 18th is International Sushi Day! The award-winning team at Hana Group embrace better choices throughout their supply chain- from fresh ingredients to final packaging- so make a perfect partner for Prevented Ocean Plastic™. Every single sushi product in their Genji and Mai sushi ranges comes in recycled plastic that might have otherwise made its way into our oceans.

Prevented Ocean Plastic™ caught up with Hana Group’s Digital & Commercial Development Manager, Courtney Mager, to talk sushi, sustainability and a circular economy.

  • Hi Courtney! Please can you talk about Hana’s approach to all things sustainable? 

“At Hana, sustainability isn’t just a policy—it’s our core belief in nurturing and restoring our planet. We embrace a comprehensive approach to sustainability, beginning with sourcing ingredients from suppliers who practice ethical and sustainable farming. At Hana, every action is driven by our dedication to preserving and replenishing the Earth for future generations.”

  • Why did Hana choose to use Prevented Ocean Plastic™?

“We chose to use Prevented Ocean Plastic™ (POP) at Hana because it aligns perfectly with our core beliefs. By incorporating this recycled material into our packaging, we actively help reduce ocean pollution and support the circular economy. POP not only lessens the environmental impact of single-use plastics but also promotes the responsible use of resources. This decision reflects our commitment to sustainability and our proactive approach to environmental responsibility, demonstrating that every step we take can contribute to a healthier planet.

Hana Group guru Courtney MAGER

Working with Prevented Ocean Plastic™ means actively contributing to the protection and restoration of our oceans. It signifies our commitment to reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainability by supporting a circular economy. This partnership allows us to make a tangible impact on the environment, transforming potential pollutants into valuable resources. It embodies our dedication to environmental responsibility and reflects our belief that every action, no matter how small, can help nurture and preserve our planet for future generations.”

The POP logo in a Hana sushi tray, manufactured by Groupe Guillin.
  • What do you think it means to your customers?

    “To our customers, using POP in our products signifies that Hana is deeply committed to environmental stewardship. It reassures them that by choosing our products, they are contributing to a cleaner planet and supporting efforts to reduce ocean pollution. This initiative resonates with their values of sustainability and responsible consumption, reinforcing their trust in our brand. By incorporating POP, we offer our customers a way to make a positive impact through their purchasing choices, aligning their everyday actions with their desire to protect and restore the environment.”
  • Would you encourage other companies to use Prevented Ocean Plastic? 

“Absolutely, we would encourage other companies to use Prevented Ocean Plastic (POP). Adopting POP helps reduce ocean pollution, supports the circular economy, and demonstrates a genuine commitment to sustainability. By incorporating POP, companies can make a significant environmental impact while meeting the growing consumer demand for eco-friendly products. Additionally, using POP can enhance a company’s brand reputation, showing customers that they prioritize environmental responsibility. Together, by embracing such sustainable practices, businesses can collectively contribute to a healthier planet and inspire broader industry change. We will continue to roll out with POP as we roll out to more Mai Sushi concession.”

This International Sushi Day and beyond, Prevented Ocean Plastic™ are so proud to partner with the Hana

Prevented Ocean Plastic™ is high quality, certified recycled plastic that has been collected from coastal areas at risk of ocean plastic pollution. Used by supermarkets and brands around the world, it meets regulatory health and safety standards, is traceable back to source and can be identified on-pack through its distinctive triangular logo. Prevented Ocean Plastic™ was an official nominee for the 2023 Earthshot Prize, and counts Lidl, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Booths Supermarket as key partners, along with major manufacturing partners such as Groupe Guillin, Spectra Packaging, and Berry Global for offerings across multiple product categories, including fish, poultry, soft fruits, pet food, personal care, and home cleaning.