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Marina DeBris: Turning ocean waste into “trashion”

By April 25, 2020August 27th, 2020One Comment
Marina Debris and models. Photo by Justin Lloyd

Australian artist Marina DeBris invites viewers to rethink the impact of our waste on the environment, and ultimately on us through colourful costumes made up of ocean litter.

Sydney artist Marina DeBris (pun intended) campaigns against plastic pollution through powerful art projects that illustrate the problem in intriguing ways. As an ‘artivist’, she hopes “to dramatize in a playful way some of the problems our waste creates”.

Her most noted work is a line of iconic garments made of garbage collected from the beach or ocean. DeBris transforms plastic trash into frisky colourful collections of wearables to show the impact of the waste we create.

The fashion pieces created by DeBris are made up entirely from beach detritus. Through her work, audiences are prompted to reflect on what is out of sight, out of mind. Her provocative line, ‘Trashion‘ juxtaposes our wasteful nature with human desire for beauty.